Foraging for Rabbits by Twigs Way


Foraging for Rabbits, what every forager needs!

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Our very own, fantastic new book, written for us by Dr Twigs Way


We all know how important it is for rabbits to have a good diet, as close as possible to what they'd eat in the wild.  Many of us go out foraging, but what should you gather for them? What should you not?  How do you stand regarding the law?  Where is it best to get foraged plants from?  How can you have a year-round supply of wild forage?


All these and many other questions answered in this great little book, that you can fit into your pocket and take with you on foraging expeditions.  It's fully illustrated to help with plant identification, contains common and botanical names of plants so you can look them up for even more information and it even has nominess ratings for each plant!


No self respecting forager can afford to be without it.  Your rabbits really will thank you.


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