The RWAF Guide to Pairing Rabbits by Fiona Firth

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Anybody who is embarking on pairing up rabbits, or has hit a brick wall in the process needs a copy of this book

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At last it's back, refurbished and updated, the best advice available on pairing up rabbits


This book gives super advice on getting through that often tricky and stressful process of pairing up rabbits.

Being highly social animals they need the company of their own species but there can be problems in the process of getting them together and Fiona tackles these in a structured way, giving suggestions for setting up bonding areas, strategies, what to look out for, when to intervene and so much more.


Super book, anybody faced with pairing up should have a copy


This is an all-new edition and available exclusively from the RWAF.  We're showing some of the pages in the product gallery so you can see the attractive design and take advantage of what the author has to say