Gardening with Rabbits by Twigs Way


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New and revamped, with all new photos to help with plant identification and of course written for us by Dr Twigs Way

Exclusive to the RWAF, the newly revamped, essential book for rabbit owners, Gardening with Rabbits.  Esteemed horticulturist and rabbit owner Dr Twigs Way has written this especially for the RWAF.  It can't be bought anywhere else.

Whether your garden is a window box or half an acre, if you have rabbits, this is the book you need.  You'll learn what to grow and what not to, what will grow in each season and how best to design your garden with your rabbits' improved diet and welfare in mind.

This book covers fencing, pathways and seating as well as the plants you need to know about to achieve a beautiful, practical and safe garden for you and your rabbits to enjoy together.

This is a sister publication to our very successful Foraging For Rabbits, slightly bigger at 48 pages.  And now also the new sister publication Growing and Feeding Vegetables and Fruit For Rabbits