Rabbiting On Magazine Winter 2023


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Rabbiting On Magazine Winter 2023 issue, packed with informative, useful information all rabbit owners need to know

Topics covered in this issue include -

  • Behavioural problems - common problems reported by owners
  • Written prescriptions - obtaining a written prescription for medications
  • Ask the experts - your questions answered. In this issue: Should I worm my rabbits regularly?; Litter training lapse since boarding; What leaves are safe?; Moving inside for winter
  • Ear study - how rabbits are coping with ear disease
  • Blood samples - what blood tests can tell us
  • Encephalitozoon cuniculi - an up-to-date overview
  • Rescue point of view - update on the T&S rescue rabbits
  • Preservatives, paints and chemicals - what is and isn't safe?
  • Teddy's rescue - owner's story
  • Danish study - how owner's perception of rabbits affects the way owners offer care
  • Gardening with Twigs - garden hazards: part 2
  • Back to nature - natual toys for rabbits
  • Keeping rabbits warm in winter - how to protect outdoor rabbits from the cold
  • Rabbit round-up - round up of the latest rabbit news
  • Have your say - tell us what you think
  • Campaign update - keeping you informed