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If you love rabbits, you will love Rabbiting On Magazine!

The RWAF is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to pet rabbits. On joining, members will receive our fantastic quarterly magazine which is packed full of news, advice, features and photos, and help us to help rabbits – because together we can make a difference. There will be three further issues during the year.

As well as Rabbiting On, which is worth the membership alone, they will also receive

  • Reduced rates for our annual conferences
  • And as if that wasn’t enough, if their rabbit is ill, membership entitles their vet to consult with our world-class veterinary expert free of charge.

On top of all this, perhaps the most important benefit of all is the knowledge that every membership subscription helps us to help rabbits.
On joining, the recipient’s email address will be added to the RWAF First Alert mailing list, which will help keep you up to date with all rabbit-related issues, including outbreaks of diseases as we hear of them. If the recipient would prefer NOT to be added to the mailing list, please state this in the comments box on checkout.



**Membership processing may take a few days longer than despatching other goods. Please allow an extra 10 days for delivery**


A note about lost issues: Unlike UK postage, for Overseas memberships we are unable  to track deliveries, so if a magazine gets lost in the post all we can do is send out a replacement. Because we aim to give great value for money, we operate on very narrow profit margins. This means that when we send out a replacement to an Overseas member, we make a financial loss. As a result of this we have decided that if a magazine for an Overseas member goes missing, we will email a pdf version instead of posting a replacement.

We do not have an ioss registration so all customs taxes will be due once the magazines arrive in your country. You may get a card from your postal service to pay the tax due before the magazine is delivered.