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We're excited to announce our first digital issue of Rabbiting On

This is the Winter 2019 issue and it's packed with great topics of interest to all good rabbit owners who prefer this to having a paper version

Topics covered in this issue include -

  • Choking dangers – the difference between choking and choke and what to do when it happens to your rabbit
  • Vaccinations – correct vaccination schedules and are there risks with over vaccinationg?
  • Ethics – using harnesses on rabbits
  • How to – health check your rabbits
  • Rabbit Essentials – selecting a rabbit savvy vet
  • Ask The Experts – your questions answered (In this issue -Unloved rabbit; Winter playtime; She prefers clean shaven!; What information can I trust on the Internet?
  • Cancers – common cancers that can affect rabbits
  • Lop eared rabbits – study results of the incidence of dental and ear problems affecting lop eared rabbits
  • Lawn care – what’s safe and dangerous to use on your rabbit’s grazing
  • Post mortem examinations – why they can be useful and what they entail
  • Bonding rabbits – how to introduce a new companion
  • RWAF Focus – introducing Claire Speight
  • RWAF sanctuary rabbits – new series! – the rabbits in the care of the RWAF
  • Rescue POV – dealing with accidental litters born in rescue
  • Hopping – how and why rabbits hop
  • Back to Nature – the ‘G’ and ‘H’ of common herbs
  • Readers’ letters – have your say
  • Rabbit roundup – roundup of the latest rabbit news
  • Campaign Update – keeping you informed
  • The RWAF 2020 Conference – latest details
  • Pawprints – your photos
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